Herpes Research

By Kent Pinkerton

Much research on herpes simplex has been executed over the years. Research on this virus continues to be carried out today, as well. Research groups hold clinical and/or laboratory studies to look into the disease pathogenesis of herpes simplex and the body's defense against it and to examine possible treatments for it. The herpes simplex virus is a good research topic as the immune response of the body to the infection has not been explicitly elucidated. Moreover, although there are effective episodic and suppressive treatment of herpes with anti-virals, a definite cure or prevention for it has still not been discovered or created. Once present in the body, the virus is not completely eradicated and outbreaks or flare-ups can still recur once the host is stressed or suffering from a compromised immune system. This challenge is a good starting point to study different herbs and concoct many drug formulations. Herpes simplex is also a good research topic as a good number of people are infected with it, thus new information about the disease has great significance. What?s more, research has discovered that the infection is associated with Alzheimer's disease and this finding definitely sparked more questions and required more investigations.

The herpes simplex virus travels along the nerve to get to the skin, producing damage and inflammation of the nerve along the way. What is interesting is that the infected nerve cells or neurons are not destroyed by the host?s immune response. Recent herpes research studies the role of CD1 and NK-T cells in fighting the infection. The study involves extensive laboratory work such as virus culture, in vivo animal work, tissue processing, fluorescent immunohistochemistry, microscopy, northern and western blotting, RT-PCR and in situ hybridization.

For possible treatments of herpes, herbs recently studied include Hypericum Mysorense and Hypericum Hookeranum, which were found to completely suppress the activity of the virus.

Herpes research was able to show the connection between herpes simplex and Alzheimer's disease. It was discovered that 2/3 of a synthetic protein resembling HSV-1 was similar to the structure and function of beta-amyloid, the agent that accumulates in the brains of patients with Alzhemer's. The viral protein was also found to twist in a similar manner as those found in the brains of Alzheimer?s patients. This finding points to the manner the herpes virus is acting. Further studies might provide an effective vaccine for the virus.

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Herpes American Social Health Association

The ASHA Research Fund is the nation's only privately funded post-doctoral research training program for scientific investigators in the field of sexually transmitted infections. Since the establishment of the program in 1975, the American Social Health Association has awarded 55 fellowships. Twenty of these have been in the area of genital herpes.

University of Washington Virology Research Clinic

The University of Washington Virology Research Clinic was established 25 years ago to conduct research on viral sexually transmitted infections and is a world-renowned leader in herpes research. Our mission is to investigate the epidemiology and natural history of herpes simplex virus (HSV), and to evaluate new therapies and vaccines for HSV. Currently, our special areas of interest are prevention of HSV transmission, HSV vaccines and the interactions between HSV and HIV. Visit website for research trial information.

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