Know The Real Symptoms Of Herpes

by Carl DiNello

Herpes symptoms may vary quite a bit from one person to another. However, most people, when it comes to herpes are asymptomatic. What this means is that they do not show any noticeable symptom of this particular disease in time to prevent it. When symptoms due show up they are an indicator of the presence of the herpes virus.

Herpes is the perfect example of a sexually transmitted disease. In fact, as of this date herpes is transmitted only through sexual contact. While an expectant mother may pass this disease to her unborn baby, the chance of that happening is very, very slim.

The first noticeable herpes symptom will be the appearance of sores and rashes on the skin. Depending on the type of herpes, these problems will either be on the mouth, or on the genitals. These sores and rashes will show anywhere from two days to three weeks after contact with an infected person.

This development of sores and rashes is commonly referred to as an outbreak. The sores and rashes will usually last about two weeks. The severity and the actual length of time the herpes appears on the skin will vary from person to person.

The first attack will cause these visible sores. Subsequent attacks may not seem as severe, but are still considered to be an outbreak. For some, these subsequent attacks may be so mild that they are sometimes treated with indifference.

The actual infected area, may feel a slight burning sensation, some itchiness, and even some pain. If the problem is genital herpes, the burning sensation may extend throughout the entire genital area, possibly causing painful urination. In addition to the discomfort, tiny red bumps may also appear.

The patient's lymph glands may also be swollen. Muscle aches, and lower back pain are common as is the onset of a headache. A fever would soon follow and may eventually become the flu.

These are symptoms that would indicate the presence of herpes. Should you happen to observe any of these, consult your doctor right away.

Many people do not take these herpes symptoms seriously. They dismiss the rashes they see on their skin as a minor insect bite, or jock itch. Others believe them to be nothing more than slight abrasions and razor burns. Still others believe these symptoms to be yeast infections, ingrown hair follicles, or even hemorrhoids.

Herpes symptoms are also sometimes confused with syphilis. Although syphilis is also a sexually transmitted disease, it is not in any way, related to herpes.

An incorrect diagnosis of the disease can be very dangerous. If you have doubts regarding what you have, especially if the sores appeared on the genital, or the mouth area, better consult a doctor. You do not want your immune system to break down helplessly just because of a wrong diagnosis.

Immediately on the appearance of herpes symptoms, treatment should follow. Your doctor will be able to prescribe the proper medications to help keep your problem in check. Usually prescribed are ointments and creams, together with oral medication.

Prevention is undoubtedly the best defense against this disease. To this date, there is no cure. However, the medications will stop the transmission of the disease, and strengthen the immune system.

Herpes maybe a sexually transmitted disease, but it is not as severe as HIV. There is no cure for AIDS, as the body will continue to recede over time. Herpes is different. Your body is capable of fighting the disease and keeping it in check. Research continues, and there is some optimism that a cure for herpes can be found.

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